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New York Therapeutic Communities, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation which provides substance abuse treatment and other services to persons in need. Our mission is to help program participants effect those changes in attitude and behavior that will enable them to make choices associated with a healthy, positive lifestyle free of crime and drugs.

Stay'n Out
Stay'n Out Training & Development provides global and local training, advocacy, and the development of innovative programs providing substance abuse treatment and complementary human services to enhance the life of the community.

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Our two Serendipity residential programs in Brooklyn provide community-based substance abuse treatment services for men and women as a means of reintegration into society, and also serve as an alternative-to-incarceration.

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The NYTC, Inc. Outpatient Programs in Brooklyn and Queens offer non-residential substance abuse treatment for persons age 18 or over, with referrals from the local community and criminal justice agencies, as well as helping Serendipity graduates re-integrate into the community.
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