Treatment Facts

Do You Know?

..That a study in California found that for every $1 spent on treatment, $7 were saved in the first year alone from reductions in criminal justice and medical costs?
Source: California Dept. of Alcohol & Drug Programs, “Evaluation Recovery Services”, 1994, aka CALDATA Study

…That 70% of male arrestees in Manhattan in 2003 tested positive for illegal drugs?
Source: Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics, Table 4.30

...That 72% of parolees in New York State in 2007 needed substance abuse treatment, and 47% required alcohol abuse treatment?
Source: NYS Division of Parole

... That to reduce cocaine usage by 1% requires a law enforcement expenditure of $250 million, but the same job can be accomplished by expending only $34 million on treatment ?
Source: "Controlling Cocaine: Supply vs. Demand Programs," RAND Corporation Drug Policy Research Center, 1994

...That for each prisoner who completes drug treatment at a cost of $6,500 per person and successfully returns to society, there are benefits of $68,800 in the first year alone (from fewer crimes being committed, reduced criminal justice and incarceration costs, reduced medical and treatment costs, and from the benefits of one more employed tax-paying citizen)?
Source: “Behind Bars: Substance Abuse and America’s Prison Population” National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, 1998

...That 34% of jailed offenders in Brooklyn returned to jail within a year of their release, compared with only 12% of offenders mandated to an alternative-to-incarceration program like Serendipity?
Source: “Predictors of Engagement in Court-Mandated Treatment: Findings at the Brooklyn Treatment Court,” Remple and DeStefano, Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, 2002